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We, at Thomson Digital Interactive, believe that Design Thinking is essential to create a desirable future. This process of taking action when faced with a difficult situation requires confidence to envision and create. The level of optimism is required in education, training and learning. Therefore, we design and develop highly customized programs to aid learning and development across a wide variety of industries and academics.


Learning Strategy

Inadequate product knowledge, communication gaps, cultural issues, unavailability, and one-size fits all approach are some obstacles in realizing the potential of sales teams.

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Web-Based Training

Learner engagement, knowledge transfer, retention, and performance improvement are some challenges of web based training.

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Instructor-Led Training

Instructor led training either delivered on-site in a regular classroom or through an online live session in a virtual classroom (vILT) possesses.

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Post Training Support

The assumption that performance is a natural outcome of training is a challenge that is tackled through post training support.

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Mobile & Video Based Learning

Information at the point of need, refresher training, training communication, and change management communication.

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Content Repurposing

Outdated, boring, and scattered content, traditional modalities, mobile incompatibility, and the overall design are some challenges.

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Thomson Digital is a comprehensive digital solutions provider serving the global publishing fraternity. Acknowledged as a leading provider of end-to-end solutions in digital content development, content processing, e-learning solutions, and rich media development, Thomson Digital is a part of the India Today Group, a highly reputed media conglomerate.



Irrespective of the scale of business or the industry you are in, one thing is constant – the severely competitive nature of the modern business environment and...

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With technology evolving at such a fast pace, the prime question for every buyer these days is whether the technology they are buying or planning to buy, will last long or get...

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When the war for talent is on, its is hard to attract right employees. Recruiters have to work day in and day out to scan through resumes, conduct multiple interviews and assessments to find...

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