Gamification – The Newage e-Learning Solution

E-learning solutions consist of numerous factors that attract learner to learn through web based solutions such as animations, videos and other methods. Engagement of learner is one of the essential factors that should be focused and videos-based e-learning solutions consistently offer interactivity amongst learners. All these web-based and video-based e-learning solutions render similar results which […]

Virtual Instructor-led e-Learning Solutions – Transforming the Educational System

Emerging Trends With the constant evolution of trends in every organization, it has become extremely crucial to develop employee training modules that keep them in tune with the latest advancements in the organization. Trainings can be taken by learners in various forms including mobile-based training, video-based training, games-based training etc. Instructor led training is known […]

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Learning Management

Intuitiveness, Intellectual Capacity, Customization – form the basis of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence could well be that catalyzing power to render an advanced degree of complexity to existing learning management frameworks. It’s digital, dynamic nature opens opportunities for building customized learner interaction and immersive learning experiences that can’t be found in conventional e-learning modules. Artificial […]

Microlearning – Unleashing the Potential of Bite-sized Modules!

Microlearning is a smart learning approach ideally appropriate for offering skill training to individuals. It includes stripping down a skill or thought to its most fundamental parts – and just that imparting education to learners. Subsequently, micro-sized learning courses are exceptionally interactive and comprises of bite-sized activities. Bite sized activities or “nugget learning pieces” are […]

Top 5 Benefits of Mobile Based Training Solutions

With the consistent utilization of mobile devices in corporate workplaces, it has become imperative to create and provide intelligent Mobile-based learning and training solutions. Covid-19 has affected the industrial sector adversely. The emerging reality is composed of complications, variability, and opportunities. To stay updated with the trends, business organizations must transform their operations in accordance […]

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