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With the evolution of the digital age, off lately virtual interactivity and multi-channel learning preferences have been the latest trend in the industry. With the constant utilization of technology in every field, it has come to fact that stand-alone classrooms or just e-learning solutions might not be adequate to educate a large mass of varied audience. An optimum blend of classroom education and e-learning solution, i.e, Instructor-Led Training or Virtual Instructor-Led Training is the need of the hour.

Instructor-led training is facilitated by an individual trainer and is accompanied by e-learning solutions that can be in the form of bite sized solutions, video based learning etc., which helps in broaden the learner’s ability of knowledge retention. We at Thomson Digital Interactive develop Instructor-led training solutions that transform the complex form of information into easy & understandable learning.

The next stepping stone of e-learning is virtual instructor-led training solutions that utilize the web space to deliver the knowledge module of the trainer and the e-learning solution to a large mass of audience. Our VILT solutions are an optimum combination of industry experts and an interactive e-learning platform which facilitates our clients to deliver the training session anytime, anywhere.

The solutions are developed and designed keeping in mind the instructor’s speech module of the topic. The success of the training session is based on three most important factors – the content, interaction with the learners, trainer’s expertise.


Personalized Attention

Personalization is the latest trend in the industry. With the evolving mind frame of learners, instructor-led training solutions form the ideal way of education. Virtual instructor-led training solutions have responded excellently over the requirement of personalization for each student.

Outcome Measurement

It becomes quite essential to measure the outcome of the training session and thus our written assessment modules help in analyzing the efficiency of the training session. Also the interactivity of the learners in the training session would also act as an indicator of the success of the session.


Virtual instructor-led training solutions help learners attain greater flexibility while attending training session. The session being organized in a cyber-space gives the learner the flexibility to attend the session from any possible place.


Interactivity of learners is one of the biggest indicators that depict whether the learners are active or passive. Instructor-led training provides the learners with the facility to ask questions and form discussions.


We aim to develop instructionally rich and aesthetically appealing technological solutions. Our platform experts analyze the client’s requirements and accordingly design and develop customized solutions that help them attain their desired objectives. Our instructor-led training solutions revolve around user manuals, corporate presentations, job aids or any other complex content. We ensure that we develop solutions that are coherent and in accordance with the knowledge module that will be delivered by the instructor. The two major aspects we keep in mind while designing solutions is the need of the learners and the instructional design.

  • Flexible Working Models
  • Legacy Content Transformation
  • Inclusion of Appropriate Media Elements
  • Design Based Content
  • Subject Matter Experts Involved at Every Stage of Platform Development


Our proficient designers and developers develop interactive and aesthetically appealing instructor-led training and virtual instructor-led training solutions. We customize solutions as per the need and requirements of the clients and make it easier for them to interact with the learners. We utilize strategic interactivity modules in our e-learning solutions to help business organizations convey their information in an ideal manner. Our outcome-driven e-learning solutions work best for companies with complex workforce.

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