Learning Strategy Overview

Organizations repeatedly face this constraint as to what is the best learning strategy to ensure that L & D initiatives meet the organizational goals. This constraint very often becomes a daunting challenge considering multitude of options available to train employees in an organization. In such a case, designing a thoughtful learning strategy is extremely important to ensure that learning outcomes are in sync with the organizational goals.

Strategy exercise is critical, when a new program is developed from scratch, or any existing training program is revamped or modernized.

Thomson Digital Interactive conducts strategic exercises to understand that what is the client’s current state and what is the desired state. We help you to create a tactical learning strategy to meet the identified organizational goals.


Some common training challenges that organizations face are:

Multifarious Training Needs

Medium & large organizations have complex training needs. There is a wide range of learning profiles that have different requirements. Team members at different levels require different training and organizations need a matrix that can cater to all needs within the same budget and resources.

Renewing Old Practices

Organizations have a set of training practices going on for years, while the business objectives changes. When the new modalities and training tools emerge, the old practices needs to be transformed and renewed.

Aligning Training with Business Objectives

Organizations have short-term goals and long-term objectives. The trainings delivery needs to create a fine balance between these needs.

Government Regulations

Businesses have to follow land of the law and these continually change because of many factors - be it trade war, politics, consumer safety or global economics. Employee trainings have to keep pace with these changes.


Thomson Digital Interactive’s approach to learning strategy is to first conduct a workshop and bring together business stakeholders, subject matter experts, and our learning strategy experts. We conduct interviews to understand the challenges. We also conduct surveys and polls among learners to understand their requirements. We also review the existing content.

In the light of the above findings, our learning experts create a blueprint that facilitates organizations in implementing new modalities and processes. It helps Training departments in implementing best practices and processes to develop a learning environment and ultimately create a learning culture in the organization.

Mode of training and training deliverables need strategic thinking and decision. Our strategic workshops help companies arrive at critical decisions to maximise learning intervention.


The outcome of this strategy exercise is summary of our key findings, proposed instructional and visual strategy, with delivery modalities and complete rollout map.

The strategic document consists of:

  • Key data gathered during the workshop
  • Graphs & Charts
  • ID Strategy
  • Visual Strategy
  • Delivery Modalities
  • Roll Out Map
  • Budget & Constraints
  • Pitfalls and Precautions

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The group is ranked as the world's fourth largest three and two wheeler manufacturer and is well-known across several countries in Latin America, Africa, Middle East, South and South East Asia.
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Customer Case Studies

The task was to educate and motivate its the distribution network of around 20000 associates consisting of importers, distributors and retail dealers.
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