Web Based Training Overview

In the Internet era, there is continuous shift of training from classroom to web; and is getting more virtual every single day. Subsequently, the control of training is shifting from trainers to the learners. Thus organizations need to deliver programs that are designed on sound principles, meet expectations of the tech-savvy learners and impact behaviour.

Our team has decades of experience in helping organizations transform their legacy trainings to blend in with the right elements on to web based training and with correct emphasis on each element.

Depending upon the need and context, our instructional design experts develop web based training using appropriate instructional strategy and visual approach.The focus is sharply on achieving the performance objectives, with deliverables as well as a matrix to evaluate the same.

Whether your organization is still using only classroom trainings but want to digitize a part of trainings or you are using a blended approach but is not in synch with time, we can help modernize your strategies and modalities.


Organizations today face multitude of challenges in maintaining the quality of their trainings. Some of these may be:

Changed Business Information

At the training front, organizations are often challenged with the changes in their processes, compliance, legislature? ( need to change this) etc. which makes their content out-dated. The content needs to be updated with the new information. Older training content may have the media and interactivities that are not in line with the expectation of the Millennial who are form the core of the new recruitments.

Outdated Content Modalities

In some cases, the content modalities are traditional which lead to longer duration spent on the course, old technologies which may have flash based courses and non-responsive HTML content. These modalities were great in the past and they were quite helpful then, though in the current context they are unable to keep the learners engaged, and thus ineffective and less efficient. The learners who are mostly Millennials are exposed to much sophisticated visuals in their day to day life and their expectations are very high.

Accessibility on Newer Devices & Technologies

Most of the multi-national organizations have their training content scattered on different locations and on different servers. The content was created for different screen sizes, and thus the content offers a poor experience on mobile devices. The content may not be supported by the newer versions of the web browsers, leading to either no visibility or poor experiences.

Outdated Design Strategies

The most important of the challenges which often goes less attended to is with the instructional strategies. Earlier there were ID models that would fulfil certain objectives, over a period of time these strategies evolved. It means it is not delivering up to the expectations, now. It needs an update.

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Our Approach

While designing learning, we live by our motto “elevate performance through better design”. Our web based training mainly focuses on cognitive science that fosters high level of learner engagement, performance based objective, and positive learning experience.

We approach web based trainings with an objective to achieve the above learning goals. Our designers take the following approach:

  • Relevance in Content
  • Meet Performance Goals
  • Offer Practice Opportunities
  • Embed Rich Media
  • Sustaining Change


We have expertise in developing various types of learning solutions.

  • Scenario based learning solutions,
  • Gamified learning solutions,
  • Process and compliance learning,
  • Application training,
  • Technical trainings,
  • Onboarding solutions,
  • Workshops,
  • Labs and Simulations.

Our Strength

Our team is our strength. We have a battery to seasoned instructional designers & learning consultants to develop learning solutions. We have in-house expert pool available to develop web-based training using various eLearning tools.