Large businesses depend on the processes to achieve economies of scale. Their top and bottom lines are interdependent of the success of these processes. A small percentage of improvement in proficiency & productivity results in huge gains.

However, aligning a large workforce to abide the processes requires a rigorous training effort. To succeed in a training it requires: consistent messaging and instructions, right level of learner engagement and experience, application of processes, point of need information etc.

The team at Thomson Digital Interactive has decades of experience in handling the training needs of large and complex processes.


Time to Proficiency

In order to make profits, organizations require operational efficiencies in the process & procedures. In growing organizations, new hires need to be quickly trained to achieve the excellence levels. The time to proficiency makes a direct impact on the top line of business.

Quick Transfer of Experience

Old guards of the organization carry years of experience with them and companies face challenges to transfer this knowledge & experience to the new recruits in a few months.

Scaling up the Efficiency of Process

To gain economies of scale, multinational organizations need to replicate the efficiencies and productivities of their best location to the rest of the geographies.

Just-in-Time Training

The need for learning does not end with the initial formal training about the processes. The forgetting keeps on happening & employees need ongoing support while being at work. They need training & learning support alongside work.

Our Approach

Focus on Large Business Goals

We approach training by keeping the larger business goals in mind. we conduct context setting exercise for learners to understand what’s in it for them and what’s in it for the business’.

Target Gradual Improvement

Our strategy is to focus on gradual improvement in the productivity of the employees through continual training interventions.

Experiential Learning

While designing training content we focus on scenarios, action-oriented tasks, capture success & failure of heroes, case studies and use cases on consequences of failures etc. This strategy helps millennials to absorb the years of experience in a few months.

Prioritizing Mission Critical Training

We prioritize the mission critical training from the less important training and focus more upon learning that is crucial to business. This helps us to deliver more.

Post Training Support

Business processes continually evolve and employees need ongoing support to excel. We use the concepts of Spaced Learning, Performance Support Systems and Micro-Learning nuggets to offer post training support. This gives learners tools to learn and creates an autonomy for learning.

Sample Snapshots

Delivery Modalities

We mix various modalities that we use to deliver a mesmerizing training experience for process training.

Web-Based Training

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Instructor-Led Training

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Mobile Learning

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Video Based Learning

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Learning Games

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Post Training Support

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