Top 5 Benefits of Mobile Based Training Solutions

Date: 29/07/2020 | Posted by: admin-tdiadmin-tdi | Category: Mobile Based

With the consistent utilization of mobile devices in corporate workplaces, it has become imperative to create and provide intelligent Mobile-based learning and training solutions. Covid-19 has affected the industrial sector adversely. The emerging reality is composed of complications, variability, and opportunities. To stay updated with the trends, business organizations must transform their operations in accordance with evolving technology. In order to keep the employees in tune with the evolving technologies, business organizations would require e-learning solutions to train their employees. An ever-increasing number of employees currently lean towards multimedia sources to remain occupied with the learning modules, for instance, recordings, digital broadcasts, videos and access to bite-sized training solutions or microlearning, have received instant popularity. They additionally acknowledge more authority over their training modules, for example having the option to choose which modules to finish first and which ones to finish later.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is one of the concepts in the industry, which has been changing the traditional learning mediums for learners. BYOD has created a vast arena for mobile-based learning solutions. Advanced educational technologies and solutions have boosted the potential of mobile-based learning. The simplicity of solution development and utilization of mobile applications – among other versatile learning modules – are likewise significant givers towards M-learning. For business organizations looking for smart training modules to enhance their employee’s training experience, here are 5 benefits of adopting mobile-based learning solutions or M-learning during the Covid-19 pandemic situation:

  • Flexibility to Learners

Mobile-based learning-enabled adaptability by disposing of the requirement for figuring out how to attend the training module at a set time and a set spot. Presently, due to the global pandemic conditions, mobile devices take learning adaptability considerably further by making instructional content, for example, recordings, videos, and other multimedia mediums accessible on mobile devices and tablets. In addition, learners have the additional flexibility of having the option to get to this content on their smartphones anytime and anywhere they need.

  • Enhanced Learner Retention Rate

Learning takes place when one adequately delivers instructional content and focuses on key touchpoints. Mobile-based learning intends to create interactivity, which prompts the completion of the course by the learner. Furthermore, mobile-based learning is likewise custom-fitted to support the smartphone usage habits and learning patterns of the learners. The outcome is higher chances of learners’ attention retention during an otherwise difficult phase owing to Covid-19.

  • Enhanced Employee Performance

Most employees are inclined towards learning strategies that do not disturb their day-to-day schedules. Their major concern behind the learning module is that the information is simple to access and understand while at work. The outcome is the development of learning habits in an organization that bolsters a higher caliber of the working environment over video conferencing.

  • Consistent Alerts and Reminders

We integrated updates and reminders in a significant number of mobile-based learning solutions designed for business. This permits the employees to get continuous reminders and updates on their courses, which they can check on their smartphones anywhere and anytime.

  • Multiple Device Accessibility

The training of the employees should be easily accessible and convenient. Furthermore, technological innovations make it feasible for the eLearning modules to be accessible on all gadgets that a worker may communicate with consistently, from PCs to tablets and mobile phones, which is the need of the hour.

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